What are the smilies before our names in chat "i" ?

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Opened on:Saturday, November 3, 2018 - 18:52
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I just notice them when clicking on "i"

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If you hover over an icon, it should give you a description of its meaning. The blue smiley means that this player is active. (Note that this feature is still in testing.)

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They do not indicate their meaning by hovering.
Define "active"; if this means it indicates whether or not I move the mouse or press keys I find this is a violation of my privacy. Please switch this functionality *OFF* by default, just as the 'inactivity reports' should be OFF by default in chat.

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So perhaps in other words, Josh: add an "invisible" status (your AFK state cannot be seen by others) and have it toggled on by default.

I must admit, Bletchley, maybe it's because of the culture that I grew up in, but active/inactive indicators being in chat services in video games are a very common occurrence and visibility is on by default in most cases and nobody really bats an eye at it in my circles. Most, if not nearly all chat messaging services in games, have this sort of thing especially since it makes it easier to see what your friends are up to and to coordinate in-game meetups.

Not to say that I never go invisible myself; I do use that feature and consider it industry standard to have it for when I want to play an online-connected game without appearing online. I think it's part of the reason why I've never heard anyone until now complain about it since we've either gotten used to it or we can simply go invisible. I also second the AFK report messages being off in chat; it usually clogs my own chat without being very useful.

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Thank you for your feedback Bletchley and S0ck.

Bletchley: We will add an "invisible" mode as soon as possible to provide this option for you. As a workaround until that update comes out, if you login through an external IRC client and then log into the game, your activity will not be visible to the IRC client. Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.

S0ck: We will add a toggle option for hiding AFK reports.



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