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Has there ever been sliders for things other than clashing importance? I know that Wiggle Power is a way to configure ideality importance, but the notion came to me while I was working on the electron density puzzle; maybe have wiggle and shake prioritize density bonus a little more than ideality when I'm going from hand-folded skeleton to fully stabilized protein.

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LOL yes there have been - years ago - they were an outstanding disaster.

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Fill me in: what exactly went wrong? Was the UI unusable? Did they simply just not work?

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Not sure about exactly how it went, but the unimplemented Lua functions like are a clue.

(The "unimplemented" functions are actually stubs that currently don't do anything.)

There were settings for shake and wiggle accuracy in the behavior dialog:

Here's a discussion of what they did:

Wiggle Power is the replacement for wiggle accuracy:

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Thanks Loci. It's cool that this sort of thing has been explored before, but not in the way that I was thinking about it.


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