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I searched for the answer but nothing found about "contest section" and why it is empty.

Impossible for me to know what happens in this section.

Is it a bug or it is normal?
If this section is not filled up why keep it here?
Do i need to make an action for fill it up?

Thank you for your answer and have a good day (or night, week-end, boat, mountains, ...)

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Join contests on the website

You can create or join contests on the website, at https://fold.it/portal/contest. Once you join a contest, it should show up in your Foldit client in the Contests section.

There are a handful of different puzzle templates available to create your own contest. Once you create a contest, you can invite other Foldit players to join your contest. The contests are meant as a way for Foldit players to practice certain puzzle types or to challenge each other. The Foldit team normally does not create contests, and we do not analyze players' solutions from a contest.

(Edit: fixed the contests URL)

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Thank you for your answer

Thank you for your answer it's clear now for me.


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