electron density notes - inconsistent display

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Opened on:Saturday, October 27, 2018 - 00:36
Last modified:Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 15:53

On an electron density puzzle, players can create notes on the density cloud by hovering over the cloud and hitting the tab key. Similar to segment notes, text can also be added to density notes.

Using the original interface, the text of all density notes is displayed in note mode.

In the selection interface, there does not appear to be a way to display the text of density notes. The "notes" icon does not appear if only density notes are present, and the "1" keyboard shortcut switches to the original interface if no segment notes are present. If segment notes are present, "1" or the "notes" icon displays only the segment notes, and not the density notes.

The "1" shortcut and the related icon in the selection interface should function like notes mode in the original interface.

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If you're fixing Notes in the Selection Interface, I'd like to see another feature brought over from the Original Interface. In the Original Interface, you can tab on a segment of the protein to see its Notes. Then if you use the arrow keys, you can see the Notes for adjacent segments. Last time I checked, the arrows didn't do this in the Selection Interface. It would help if the arrows worked in the Selection Interface like they do in the Original Interface.

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Wow, I did not know about using the arrow key to navigate through segment information. You are correct, it's only in the original interface, and does not work in the selection interface.

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Another request regarding tabbing on segments would be to let the Segment Information window heights be adjustable like the Chat window heights already are. It would also help if once we adjusted the height of one Segment Information window, if we then used the arrow keys to see the windows for adjacent segments, the new height would be used for these adjacent Segment Information windows as well.

Often the default Segment Information window heights are too small to see all the subscores, so letting us adjust the heights would help. Keeping the adjusted height the same for adjacent residues would also make scanning the protein for certain subscores (like the Density subscore) easier.

Another request would help in Design Puzzles, where the Segment Information windows list many other things (like allowed amino acids). In such puzzles, it would help if we could adjust the slider position in one of these windows, and then if we used the arrow keys to see adjacent residues' windows, the adjusted slider position would be copied over to their windows as well.

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Another idea relates to the View menu. Right now,
there's a "Use relative score coloring" checkbox
and an option to color by score. I think both of
these refer to the total score for each segment.
Is it possible to add another menu with checkboxes
for each subscore so that players can pick which
subscores they want to contribute to the total
scores used to color each segment? Then a player
could color all segments by the Density subscore,
for example.

In the menu with the subscore checkboxes, there
could be 2 additional checkboxes: "no subscores"
and "all subscores". The "no subscores" checkbox
would uncheck all the subscore checkboxes. The
"all subscores" checkbox would check all the
subscore checkboxes.



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