New Release!

Hey everyone,

We've just released a new update with the following fixes and functionality:

* Added additional view options for Hydrogens.
* The chat system has received some additional functionality.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed an issue that was causing symmetry puzzles to run slowly.
* Fixed a bug which resulted in Foldit sometimes hanging.
* Fixed an issue allowing some locked parts of the protein to move when they should not.

As always, a big thanks to our devprev players for helping to test this release!

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unspecified extra functionality

What is the "some additional functionality" ?
I also read something in the chat about remote access or remote control, what does that do ? I am worried about backdoors in the client that may jeopardize my systems, please explain.

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Chat Functionality

Hi Bletchley,

Sorry about the confusion, here are the details to the recent chat changes:

* New look to the chat!
* Chat messages now show the time they were sent.
* Chat now shows when other players log in and out. This can be disabled in the General Options.
* You can now see more information about other players, such as who is a chat moderator. Mouse over a player's icons for details.
* The Active Players list now shows off your hard-earned achievements!
* The Foldit IRC Bot is here to help! Type any of these commands for quick advice from the bot: !help, !stuck, !beginner, !intro, !wiki

New IRC Commands (not available on external IRC clients)
* You can now set your status: /afk to set yourself as Away From Keyboard, /busy to set yourself as Busy, and /back to set yourself as Active again. These statuses are shown in the Active Players list.
Chat moderators can now set the Message of the Day using /setmotd

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Remote Control

As for the Remote Control, this tool simply allows you to play Foldit from your phone. See more details at:

As for your security questions, I think jeffpyke might be able to better answer those questions in the other thread.

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Very very old thread !

Thank you for the information but the remote control post is from 2014 ! How long has this remote control been in the client, unannounced ?!
I want to switch remote control off, how do I do that. There should not even be a open port listening.

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It starts disabled

Despite it showing your local IP when you click on it, this is basically useless outside of your wifi network. It started disabled for me until I clicked the toggle.

I did try this by the way, it doesn't work outside my local wifi network (i.e. I can't go to say, a Starbucks and connect) and when I did get it to work on my phone at home, it promptly crashed my game not 3 seconds later.

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This is correct - it is off by default and should not be exposed to the network unless you explicitly enable it.

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