Partition Tournament Results and Upcoming Science Chat!

See the blog for the final results from the Protein Design Partition Tournament!

We also recently posted an update on the latest Cryo-EM puzzles, and the most recent electron density puzzle, 1588: 221-residue Cryo-EM Multi-Start with Density, is online now!

In addition, we're announcing a Science Chat for next Tuesday, October 23 at 21:00 GMT. We'll be happy to discuss any questions about the tournament, the Cryo-EM puzzles, as well as any other recent Foldit activity! Leave your questions on the blog, or in the comments below!

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Please reread some Feedbacks & Comments before the Chat:
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new features in devprev

There are some new features in devprev, like options for displaying hydrogens without switching to one of the +H views.

Another couple that I've noticed are on the "main" menu. There's a "toggle fullscreen", option which doesn't seem to do anything. There's also a "remote control" option, which does seem to do something, but it's not clear how it might be used.

Any release notes on these new and unexpected features? The old release notes sticky thread on the forum has been unstuck, but it hadn't been updated in years. It would be nice to have some idea of new features, and whether we should test them or ignore them for now.

I did see that devprev has performance improvements for symmetry puzzles, but haven't quite gotten around to trying that yet. Is there a recommended devprev puzzle to try?

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new CryoEM technique

A bit off topic but there seems to be a lot of excitement in a new CryoEM technique for determining the structure of small molecules: see the following

It seems that CryoEM may take over one day from X-ray crystallography as being the gold standard for structure determination. Any thoughts as to how this development might affect protein structure determination going forward?

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Science chat posted here!:

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