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1588: 221-residue Cryo-EM Multi-Start with Density
Status: Closed


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Saves from 1554

NOTE: If you did not manually save a solution in Puzzle 1554, you can go back to 1554, manually save it, and the solution should appear in your manual saves for this puzzle.


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puzzle speed/stability

I did not expect to be able to play this puzzle.

I don't know what has been done - but it runs fine. It will never be the fastest running (given it's size and being ED)

Whatever has been done to make this playable - congrats to FC

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Great given delay

It's great that we had a plenty of time to play this one. I won't even have enough time to end it but I suppose it's ok for you scientists to evaluate our results afterwards.

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That was a lot of fun

That was a lot of fun watching go science pass it back and forth and back and forth. 10 of the top 11 scores! Great work.

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