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New to game, whats the optimal build? I was planning on a steady sniper with a x10 scope and fire resistance, how will this fair against the end game bosses?

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Meta shift

The meta right now is more favorable towards minmaxing high/low water resists. Stack high water resist (blue sidechains) on the outside of your builds to tank for your orange residues. That'll net you a good amount of points for durability for your builds. This works on mostly everything all the way through end-game, though you're gonna have to watch out if you're up against a transmembrane boss, where the blue tank meta doesn't apply.

(In all seriousness I'm probably one of the only people here who 'gets' this joke post)

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Indeed, I didn't get anything from the initial post and from your reply. This said, your "battle" view might be inspiring for good folding. :)

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Foldit allows LUA add-ons (Recipes):

Like World of Warcraft, Foldit lets players use
LUA scripts to make add-ons (here called Recipes):
Some crush or kill voids, some jolt the protein,
and others cause protein quakes. Watch out for
ones like The Hedgehog, Banded Worm Pairs,
Mutators, Walkers, HBuster, and Fracture.

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Tips for new players:

New players should start with the Intro/Tutorial Puzzles:
then do as many Beginner Puzzles as you can:

You can post questions and screenshots
to Global Chat for help as you go.
It helps to stay logged in until someone
notices your questions and writes back.

Good luck!

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dubious original post

Don't know how others feel, but I'm getting a little grumpy about posts like this one. There's no evidence that the original poster, Amnesia, has ever played the game, and obviously the post is a joke, at best.

It's nice to see constructive replies, but deleting off-topic posts like the original makes more sense to me.

The annoyance factor is increased by several outright spams in the past couple of days. These have been dealt with.

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Black Belt Folding:

No matter what Recipes you choose for your Cookbook,
a good Folder should watch the Black Belt Folding videos:
You never know when you'll have to face the Black Mamba:
or, Heaven forbid, the Exocyst:


Developed by: UW Center for Game Science, UW Institute for Protein Design, Northeastern University, Vanderbilt University Meiler Lab, UC Davis
Supported by: DARPA, NSF, NIH, HHMI, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, RosettaCommons