This game should be a free(as in freedom) software

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Your game is really cool, but it has huge ethical issues - it is a proprietary software. It means that software creator controls the user. What's the point of that? Shouldn't science be open for anyone? It seems for me that you just created it, because you want to have a gratis manpower, while giving nothing back. I'm a programmer myself, and I'm interested in biology, but I would never use non free software, and that's the reason your game is such unpopular, buggy and still in beta. Making this game a free software would give the game new ideas, players and contributors. One day I'll become a scientist, and If your game is still proprietary, I will create a free alternative for it and then you'll remain forgotten.

The link to the Free Software Foundation site was here, but I can't post it without playing your game...
Some people call it "open source", but open source is not enough for a program to be ethical and useful.

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You might find the comments in this forum post helpful.

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Closing this one. No evidence the original poster has ever stooped so low as to play the game. We can eagerly await the day when he comes up with a more popular open-source protein folding game.


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