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Unless I missed it somehow, a forum search feature would be very useful to avoid redundant postings or excessive time spent searching for information.

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i also am missing this feature. it would be very helpful.

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Set details.

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It should be doable, even by "custom google" search...

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The "site:" parameter seems to work just fine. So, the only hard part is creating a custom Google search that automatically appends this parameter.

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Sorry about playing Necromancer, here, but this is still an idea I would find useful. We could eliminate the posting of duplicate topics, and it would be possible to research the Forum before posting to see if the topic has already been addressed.

Yes, it is possible to use the Google Search function on the main page of the Foldit website, but using that function will list every page on the site that features the search term, not just Forum posts.

This Feedback section already has a function to search only Feedback entries on the site. How difficult could it be to implement the same search function that returns only Forum posts?

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Thank you
Hey Boots--thank you for your suggestion, I have passed this along!


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