Change Default Length of Rubber Bands

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I tend to be using the Angstrom value length of 2 for my hydrogen bonds a lot, so I was wondering if there was any quality of life plans in the works to make the default rubber band length changeable from 3.5 to whatever number a user wants so that mass banding can be made a little bit more efficient rather than having to change the length of freshly formed bands each time.

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I've the impressing that it was zero some time ago. Personally, I would prefer 0. But 2 would be better than 3.5. Or changeable.
Of course, there are recipes to change all bands together, but for running recipes, a good default is quite important.

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1.8 H-O or 2 N-O band lengths are good for making hydrogen bonds, but 3.5 is close to the backbone C-C distance for adjacent helix turns and antiparallel beta strands. Since most people do their folding on the backbone, 3.5 seems best.


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