More specific crashes on 1573 - score issue

Case number:699969-2005714
Opened by:wisky
Opened on:Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 07:14
Last modified:Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 07:33

My completely redesigned molecule will not wiggle above my current high score. whenever it tries to pass it, the client crashes as described by numerous other comments.

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Here are my "crash conditions" that I've come across so far. Turning the filters on and off does not affect crash rates.

Guaranteed crash (100% of the time)
-Try to score higher than my current best (18895). Client immediately crashes when attempting to go higher than that.

Highly Likely crash (~35% of edits)
-editing the ligand

Likely crash (~5% of operations)
-MMFF Wiggle
-Wiggle Sidechains
-Shake Sidechains
-Wiggle All
-Wiggle Backbone
-Any of the above with bands on

Low Likely crash (~1% of operations)
-Wiggle/shake, excluding ligand.

So basically, I (and probably most others too) can't: Edit, optimize, or position on this puzzle without it crashing.

In other words: This puzzle is broken and needs fixing.


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