puzzle 1573 - client hangs uploading/downloading resaved solutions from 1519

Case number:845829-2005702
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Opened on:Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 19:42
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The comments for 1573 indicate that saved solutions from 1519 should be available to load.

On puzzle 1573, I was able to open a locally saved solution from puzzle 1519 and resave it.

When I tried to share the solution, the client hung with the "uploading solution" message displayed.

Nevertheless, a second client was able to see the newly shared solution, but this client hung with the "downloading solution" message displayed.

After forcibly closing and restarting the download client, the share it was attempting to download appeared twice in the "Local Solutions" pane of Open/Share Solutions. Attempting to load either of these solutions results in a hang with "Loading Solution" displayed.

I was able to replicate the download hang.

I was also able to repeat the upload hang, although the first time I tried, the client encountered a "Loading Solution" hang trying to open a different puzzle 1519 solution than the first.

All the hangs appear to be true hangs, with the client using ~0.25% of total CPU. In other words, the client is not busy doing something or stuck in a loop.

I'm seeing a download_tmp file (for example, download_tmp_UNIQ-5e5cd910-dd4f-4d77-a5a3-13c7fbe73eb5.ir_solution) on the download client, but no upload_tmp file on the upload client.

Checking "disable network timeouts" has no effect. "Reduce network bandwidth" also does not help.

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Looks like the same upload hang problem on brand-new 1573 solutions.

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Yes, same problem on brand new solutions

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Win10/64 Main, original UI. Tried third time with memory at zero, and moves at 50%. Still shuts itself down after I attached a Cl atom and wiggled. Giving up. Not playable.

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Oops, forgot to load log.

RVR_THRD getting notifications...
Sending SOPs:

Designed Residue: [H]OC([H])(C([H])([H])[H])C([H])([H])Cl
FinalE finalize:
core.chemical.ResidueTypeSet: [ WARNING ] ResidueType LG_50013 of mode fa_standard is being added to a ResidueTypeSet of mode centroid
replacing residue
Generated 15 rotamers for LG_50013 in 0.111s total.
delta_score: -99.0677
Playing sound: 3
Tool on_action_complete called
Tool on_action_complete called
Sending SOPs:

***** STARTING THREAD ActionGlobalMinimize
RT: 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Sending SOPs:

Sending SOPs:

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I can confirm that trying to load a file shared by your group into 1573 causes the client to enter a non-recoverable freeze state

A pretty big problem since our group was planning on creating a novel molecule based on the nelfinavir scaffold

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Multiple freezes during wiggle after making molecule design changes. The score gets close to the recent best, and then the ligand grays out and the client goes off in the weeds.

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I had this problem on Windows most of the time (only first attempt was ok).
Same on Linux Ubuntu.

No problem with Mac (old OS)

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Yep same problems on windows 10. Dell Inspiron notebook.
Intel cpu, 4 gig ram HD system

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Looks like this might be the new update. The newest small monomer also hangs

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From a chat discussion earlier, this might be a Windows problem.

Both Mike Cassidy and Drum say 1573 is OK on Mac.

Small sample size, but it explains why there are at least a few peolple active on 1573.

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Here we go again. An important puzzle I really want to do and it is not doable due to bugs and they don't fix it

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This (and related issues from 1573) should hopefully (cross fingers) be fixed in the latest devprev release.

For those of you working with the devprev update group, I'd appreciate it if you could load the "[DEVPREV] Ligand Design Puzzle Test" puzzle (which should be the same as puzzle 1573) in devprev and check if you're still seeing issues.

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I was able to open "[DEVPREV] Ligand Design Puzzle Test", and saw locally saved solutions, which I believe came from 1519.

I was able to load one of these solutions, which ended up with score of 20025. I saved this solution and shared with scientists.

I deleted the locally saved 20025, and was able to download the shared solution.

I also opened 1573 again, and was able to upload and download solutions with no problems. There was a solution with the same 20025 score, which is what started this feedback. No issues with it now, and the scoring seems to match between the original 1573 and the devprev version.

I also opened 1519, and was able to download shared solutions and then open them in the devprev puzzle.

I haven't tried any extensive, but uploading and downloading solutions seems to be fixed.


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