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1569: Design Partition Tournament: Phase One
Status: Closed


1Beta Folders12,800100
3Anthropic Dreams12,54549
5Go Science12,15922
6Void Crushers12,09014
7Marvin's bunch11,9208
8L'Alliance Francophone11,7525
9Hun-Magyar Csapat11,4453
12Team South Africa10,9151
14Trinity Biology4,9591
15CH4110 Fold it!4,7061
16DSN @ Home821

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Residue Count: Normalizes for extra residues inserted beyond the starting 70, at a cost of 32 points per residue. Players may use up to 100 residues in total.

Secondary Structure: Only 10% of residues may form helices. Additional helices will incur a penalty of 10 points per residue.

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No usual restrictions?

In Puzzle 1566: Small Monomer Design,
we had the Objectives below:

Interaction Energy: Monitors that all
PHE, TYR, and TRP residues are scoring well.

SS Design: Prohibits all CYS residues.
Prohibits GLY, ALA residues in sheets.
Prohibits GLY, ALA, SER, THR in helices.

Does 1569 have any of these restrictions?
Do you want 1569 to allow disulfide bonds,
for example?


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No usual restrictions

That's correct; there is no Interaction Energy or SS Design objective in this puzzle.

However, CYS residues have been disabled in this puzzle, so players should not be able to design disulfide bonds.

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cysteine - bridges

bit odd that players were not told this at the start - don't u think?

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Too many aromatics

Mutate is putting in too many tyrosines, and in the absence of a filter, the script I am running is keeping them.

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More aromatics like tyrosine may be a good thing

To make sure your solutions have sequences that can't easily be
rebuilt as helices, it may help to include tryptophan, tyrosine,
phenylalanine, isoleucine, valine, and threonine residues that
says prefer to adopt β-strand conformations. It may also help
to include glycine and proline (helix-breaker) residues and to
avoid the helix-favoring MALEK (methionine, alanine, leucine,
glutamate, and lysine) residues. Another idea is to use
sequences that alternate between hydrophilic and hydrophobic
residues, as often occurs in sheets, rather than other patterns
that often occur in helices.

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tournament puzzle

can we submit more than one?

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One submission allowed

Each player may submit only one design for the tournament. If a player submits multiple solutions with the title "Tournament Submission", then only the most recent submission will be considered for Phase Two of the tournament. The reason for this is to make sure everyone has an equal chance in the Phase Two selections.

However, we still want to see your designs! If you develop several designs that you like, please share them all with us using the Upload for Scientist button! Even though we will only consider one submission for the tournament, we will still run our regular analysis on all designs from this puzzle. We always look at the scientist-shares in design puzzles, and it's especially helpful if you can save them with an informative title and description!

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OK, I wondered because if you wiggle the preferred solution on Medium you may not be able to do much with it the second round.

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