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In Macintosh, for the past long while (I can't remember when) the words "Game_dynamic" began to appear instead of the application name. Where it should say "Foldit" reads "Game_dynamic". I can't help wonder if, by not conforming to Macintosh standards this and other programming problems persist with Macintosh versions.

I currently have a situation where I cannot run Foldit for more than a couple of hours on my iMac. I have to completely remove the software from my hard drive to keep from crashing. I have been over this with Apple tech support for several hours over a period of a month now. Anyone else experiencing the same?


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This is the dialog that appears when you call up Force Quit. Instead of application name "game_dynamic" is written. Why?


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Wow, game_dynamic is back! A blast from the past.

Recollection hazy, but it seems like we determined that game_dynamic is the name of some Foldit component. No clue on why it shows up as the window name on Mac, but that's the nature of a bug.

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That's consistent with what I was told, Loci, and also that it was just cosmetic... FTR I've been seeing the game_dynamic since it started without change (through three different iMacs and four different OS's. In other words, still got it on all clients, main or devprev.

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Yeah, this shouldn't have changed in any recent update - the 'game_dynamic' name is the name of the wrapper application that handles the updates. The wrapper application is only updated when you install via a new installer. I've found the area that handles the name and hopefully it should change the next time we post an installer.


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