Add Building Blocks to Blueprint Tool for loops turning 90 or 120 degrees

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In recent Monomer Design Puzzles, I have been making
structures composed of loops and parallel B-strands
(see for details).
These structures are somewhat cylindrical, but they
have triangular or square cross-sections. I want the
loops between the B-strands to bend about 90 degrees
for square cross-sections and about 120 degrees for
triangular cross-sections. In some puzzles with the
Ideal Loops Filter, I have found loops with these odd
angles that also pass the Ideal Loops Filter. Does this
mean that some Ideal Loops can turn 90 or 120 degrees?
Are there certain sequences and sets of phi,psi angles
that occur often in nature and are particularly stable
yet form loops that turn 90 or 120 degrees?

I think most if not all of the Blueprint Tool's Building
Blocks for loops between sheets turn 180 degrees.
Are all of these Building Blocks Ideal Loops? Would it
be possible to add some Building Blocks for loops between
sheets that turn 90 or 120 degrees instead? I think having
such Building Blocks would facilitate designing proteins
like in that also pass
the Ideal Loops Filter and form reliably in the lab.


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How about providing Building Blocks for loops
between sheets that turn the chain by other
angles, like (360 degrees)/n, where n is an
integer? How about angles like 72, 60, 45,
40, 36, 30, 24, 20, 15, 10, 5, and even
0 degrees?


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