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I don't know if it's possible, but it would be great if there could be hints available for introductory puzzles when players get stuck. Perhaps a backbone was rotated in the wrong direction. Maybe a section should be flipped. Other tools may have been overlooked.

Judging from the initial surveys, many players may be associated with academic groups which can help them. However, if an unaffiliated individual gets stuck there's not much help available. In my case, I can't get past "The Right Rotation". I repeated all the prior tutorials in case I'd missed something. No dice; I'm still stuck. I can't skip it and go on. The problem in this situation is it's frustrating. I'm playing for fun (and for the greater good). There's only so long I want to keep spinning my wheels.

If Foldit is to be embraced by the general public, it needs to be made easier to learn and to become skilled at, with fewer dead-ends.

Many thanks for your work.

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Global Chat is a good place to ask for help when you are stuck.
Often experienced players offer advice to new players there.

There are also videos & tips for the Intro/Tutorial Puzzles at:

More general advice for new players:

Help with Beginner Puzzles:


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