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I don't think anything like this is already out there. If so, my apologize.
This outline isn't completely in order. It's more of the main concepts I'd like in the script

Script request for foldit
This is for ligand puzzles
functions from Tvdl DWR should probably be used like menu settings
-selected segments
-longest to shortest
-100 rebuilds
-every amino acid
-amino acid being banded
-select the other segs originally selected by the user or mutate the rest of the protein
-amino acid being banded does not get selected
-band tips of amino acid to atom of ligand
-possibly have to click on the atom
-maybe changeable band length
Then rebuild

If anyone can make this script for me and anyone else, that would be amazing!

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may be

Well I'm not 100% sure it's what you want but Ebola could be the existing recipe if you select the right options.

If you "reset options" to 5, then click on "options", you have some default options to work with.

There you click on "reset mutate options" and you choose like in DRW.

Then on "more", where you set 100 rebuilds.

Then on "GAB" where you verify the default 'band to worst part' and "band to ligand"

ok, ok, ok and see if it works (and report any bug, I unshared from group for you but it's not necessarily bug-free yet).

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I didn't see "band to worst part"

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