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A different approach to fighting Aflatoxin can be found below. They seemingly use a different fungus to outplace the Aflatoxin-generating fungi.


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"Friendly", local strains of A. flavus

Aflasafe is made for each country where it is available by selecting strains of the A. flavus fungus that are native to that country, but that do not produce any aflatoxin. They are distributed by the farmer onto the field to fill the niche that A. flavus likes, preventing "unfriendly", aflatoxin-producing strains from moving in or spreading. Here is more info from the manufacturer's website:


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If I understood well

Nature already found the solution ?

Question: is the Afla "not safe" a product from Human activity ? Is it a kind of "alien" mutant introduced in the fields where the local fungi was Aflasafe ?

It would be amazing that we are trying to find a drug in order to stop an human introduced mutant.

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Aflatoxin fights insect larvae that eat the fungus

I don't think the toxin is human-introduced. It is used by the fungus to fight insect larvae that eat the fungus. Here's a link to an article:


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