contests: "Setup not TYPE_CARTESIAN" errors, other issues

Case number:699969-2005477
Opened by:LociOiling
Opened on:Saturday, July 7, 2018 - 18:47
Last modified:Monday, July 30, 2018 - 19:50

I created a contest from the "Freestyle Design: Variable Length" to use as a sandbox with group members.

Some common design tools, notably Remix and Idealize SS give a "Setup not TYPE_CARTESIAN" error.

I also noticed that wiggling segments around an open cutpoint didn't seem to be working as expected, but it's not clear what's wrong.

Contests should be updated to allow the usual array of tools.

Messages like "Setup not TYPE_CARTESIAN" aren't really helpful, since the user can't change the setup. Also, the message fades relatively quickly, so it's easy to miss. A message like "{toolname} not allowed, see log for details" would be better. Currently, it doesn't seem like these TYPE_CARTESIAN errors generate any log messages, however.

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Thanks for this report Loci,

Some updates to our backend might resolve this naturally in a few weeks, but in the meantime Matthew Hantsbarger ( will be looking into it. Can you share this contest with him so he can test it out?

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The join link for the contest is:

The contest ends on July 31.

On the latest devprev, 20180711-7bdda27475-win_x86-devprev, I'm still getting "Setup not TYPE_CARTESIAN" on idealize SS and Remix.

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Still an issue with 20180725-d14dae34c3-win_x86-devprev


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