Hovering over network does not show anything

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Windows 10, shared an example with the scientists

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The trick on the h-bond networks is to click "show" on the condition.

"Show" that highlights the network in dark blue.

When you hover over the blue, it changes to yellow-green, almost like a disulfide bridge, and you a popup showing the score appears.

It's not necessary to turn on "show bonds (sidechain)".

Partial hydrogen bond networks are highlighted in red.

It's working on both main and devprev.

Hydrogen bond network highlightingHydrogen bond network highlighting

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Then the text in the box should be: Click on Show and hover on network for details.

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You must also enable the "show tooltips ..." advanced option. It is in the same menu as the 'enable sounds' and 'rank popups'. I had the same issue.


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