Mac 64-bit?

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Apple say they are withdrawing support for 32-bit apps soon. Will Foldit become 64-bit?

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Thanks for the notice.

We are looking into 64-bit mac support.

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This morning I updated to OS 10.14.1 and on launching foldit received msg that on next update this app will no longer be compatible. How is progress going fixing the bugs on the 64 bit Mac client? Is there a new devprev 64 bit client?
Launching the 64 bit client I have, the client updates then shows an error message "Error during initialization: Your database appears to be corrupted. Please try reinstalling the application."

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Any progress on stabilizing a 64 bit Mac OS client? OS message is now saying app won't be compatible on *the next update of Mac OS*...
Which means no updating of our Mac players' OS's past *MacOS Mojave 10.14.1* if they want to play foldit until a stable 64-bit Mac client is available.
...Just sayin' the obvious... Thanks


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