"play" button moved on puzzle menu, new "cancel" button

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Opened on:Friday, April 13, 2018 - 18:14
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The "play" button has been on the right in the puzzle menu for a long time.

In the latest devprev, the "quit" button has moved into this position, at least when you start the client.

This means experienced players will end up closing the client instead of opening the desired puzzle.

I suppose in time that we'll get used to it, but I would have prioritized fixes and other changes over this one.

As long as we're re-arranging things, I would have moved the "play" button all the way to the left in its row on the puzzle menu. Maybe move "main" menu toward the left edge, separated from the other buttons.

After you open a puzzle, you'll find the "quit" button has been removed from both the puzzle menu and the main menu, replaced with "cancel". "Quit" closed the client, while "cancel" dismisses the menu, returning to the current puzzle. This change makes sense to me, but again it seems to be addressing a problem we didn't actually have.

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I noticed that on the login screen, the "play online" button is located on the right.

Both "play online" and "play" are yellow smiley faces, so it would make sense to have them in the same relative location on their individual screens.

I think the location of these default actions should be either on the right or the left of the other available actions.

Other Foldit dialogs, such as "Save Solution", have the default action on the right, and other actions, such as "Cancel", on the left. On a quit, the "are you sure?" dialog has "yes" on the right, "no" (cancel) on the left. The band dialogs have "OK" on the right.

The recipe editor dialog has the save options somewhere in the middle, but it's not really clear that there's a default action in this dialog.

Still other dialogs, such as view options or electron density, mainly control settings, and aren't "modal" like dialogs with an "OK" or "Save" button.


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