Updates from the Foldit Team - December 2017

Here are some things the Foldit team has been working on lately:

  • rmoretti: Bugfixes and interface improvements for drug design puzzles; updating the underlying Rosetta code to include the most recent improvements.
  • joshmiller: Making the Conditions system more user-friendly and working on putting it in some of the tutorial levels as sort of "side quests" which will earn bonus points.
  • bkoep: Trying to crystallize more proteins in the lab.
  • jflat: Fixing that darn IRC server.

UPDATES DISCLAIMER: We want to keep the community apprised of what we are working on, but please note that not everything we spend time on will necessarily come to fruition quickly or even at all. The nature of research is nebulous and often there is no clear answer to a problem. Researchers can work on something for a long time and end up without usable results. Also please keep in mind that we are working on projects that the team has deemed the most appropriate/valuable use of our time and resources based on the information we have at hand. This may not jive with what all players feel is the best for Foldit and while we are certainly willing to listen to your concerns, please understand this may not change our direction. We value, put weight on, and appreciate your feedback nonetheless.

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