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As many of you are likely aware, we are experiencing difficulties with chat/IRC clients right now. We are working to fix them and could use your help in this. If you encounter an error, pop into feedback and either upvote the issue you've already encountered or slap a new post up so others can upvote or comment. This will help us figure out what is going wrong and how to fix it. Thank you all for your patience. We understand what a huge inconvenience this is for everyone to have chat issues like this. Jflat has been working through the weekend to try and get it sorted. I hope we have some good news for you very soon on the issue.

(Mon, 12/18/2017 - 18:09  |  1 comment)
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Chat is back....

The Foldit team rebooted the chat server yesterday, and chat seems back to normal. The reboot was about 15:30 Pacific Standard Time, or 23:30 UTC on 21 December. Anyone still connected by in-game chat was probably disconnected at that point. The "reconnect" button worked for me, but restarting the client should work in the worst case.

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