Chat reconnect button broken

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Opened on:Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 20:37
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Chat reconnect button not working in devprev (mine) or main (Skippy's). Button turns gray, red lights beside chat room names turn gray, other client's chat connection is not ghosted in irc, new chat connection is not formed, cannot re-click Reconnect button.

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jflat apparently restarted part (not all) of the irc server today. If you are having trouble connecting to team chat, you will probably have to close the game client that has global and/or vet chat, then open a new client, in order to get back into team chat - the reconnect button will not do it. If you can't figure out which client has an open chat connection, you may have to close them all before opening a new one (as I did).

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No I tried this and restarting all computer (Mac) without success. Unabled to reconnect. Before this I (and other group members) whers "kicked" from Group Chat.


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