New intro puzzles -- typos, etc.

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The latest version of the new puzzles is a big improvement over the September version.

There are still some typos and style issues that could be fixed.

Here are comments for the level 5 puzzles. Level 5-3 is a bit of a problem, it's hard to solve
consistently, and the popups are not very clear.

Comments on level 8 to follow.

Level 5-1 Make Five Bonds

* In the conditions, "atleast" should be "at least".
* In the popups, "white blue band" should be "blue and white spiral".
* In the popups, "more the merrier" should be "the more, the merrier".

Level 5-2 Disulfide Bonds

* In the popups, "lets try another" should be "let' try another".
* In the popups, "green yellow band" should be "green and yellow spiral".
* "Cystein" should be "cysteine" in several popups.
* In the popups, "atleast" should be "at least".

Level 5-3 Combo Conditions

This puzzle may be too hard. I solved it quickly the first time, but I had a hard time repeating it consistently. The resulting protein doesn't look very good.

* In the popups, "Click on the show button for core existence condition to see the required effects on the protein. The entire backbone changes are highlighted to show the effects on the core." is unclear.
* Reword as: "Click on the show button next to the core existence condition to see which segments
are in the core. Segments colored in blue are on the outside of the protein, and segments colored in
orange are in the core. Green segments are in between."
* In the popups, a-helix (alpha helix) and b-sheet (beta sheet) should be just helix and sheet.
* Reword as: "Try dragging the sheet closer to the helix you just made.
When segments turn orange, they're in the core. The core existence condition is satisfied when you
have enough orange segments."
* In general, it's probably clearer to say "segments" instead of "residues".

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Some comments on the new level 8 puzzles.

Level 8-1 Hello Blueprint

Unchecking "ABEGO Colors" in the Blueprint window doesn't seem to do anything.

* Third popup mentions ABEGO colors without explaining.
* Reword as: "You can move the panel around by clicking and dragging. Using "ABEGO" colors, helixes are usually red, sheets are usually blue. Loop segments may be red, blue, green, or yellow. The colors are based the shape of each segment's backbone."

Level 8-2 Blueprint and Condition

The Idealize SS button can crash the client.

Simply making one big helix is enough to complete the puzzle. No need for the Blueprint tool.

The puzzle really requires structure mode to make helixes, but the popups don't mention that fact.

* Reword 1st popup: "Let's try to make a protein from scratch! This puzzle has a secondary structure condition, which gives bonus points if you fulfill it. The protein is an "extended chain" at the start, with no helixes or sheets."
* Reword last popup: "Don't forget, you can make a helix to get bonus points. Use structure mode to add helix segments. Helical bundles are good for your protein, so keep an eye on the secondary structure condition. Good luck!"

Side note: I've been using "helixes" for the plural since it seems less confusing. I notice that wikipedia lists "helixes" first:

Similarly, I'd avoid "alpha-helix" and "beta-sheet", and use "segments" instead of "residues". Having just one name for things might help make the game at least a little less confusing.

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Closing this one, intro puzzles have evolved quite a bit recently. The typos seem to be resolved in 20180725-d14dae34c3-win_x86-devprev, not sure about helices/helixes, etc. Will open new feedback going forward as needed.


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