"show bondable atoms" inhibits band drawing

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The "show bondable atoms" view option highlights atoms which can act as hydrogen bond donors and acceptors.

With "show bondable atoms" selected, however, it's very difficult to draw a band to a highlighted atom. It's easy to *start* a band on a highlighted atom, but it's almost impossible to end on a highlighted atom. Once in a while, it works, but usually you get a spaceband, and the endpoint is often far away from the desired atom.

The workaround is to start the band, then turn off "show bondable atoms", and finish the band.

Especially for ligand puzzles (or small molecule design puzzles), it would be nice to be able to draw bands without constantly changing the view options.

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I'd recommend using the recipe bandsome
that lets you specify which residues
& atoms to put bands between. If you
make a band between the wrong residues
& atoms, bandsome has the option to
replace the latest band with the next
band added.


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