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Hi there,
actually i still play the tutorial. When i go to my 2nd pc(at work) later, do i just have to install the game, log into my account and can go on or do i have to take sorta savegame with me, to the 2nd pc ?

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Hi Reskal

it's ok installing Foldit on the new pc (even several copies on the same pc is good in order to work with different clients in parallel until the limit capacity of your CPU - see wiki for that).

You'll be able to work in parallel and share your solutions to yourself (when you'll be busy with competing puzzles).

When starting playing puzzles, think of changing options in menu, selecting advanced GUI. There you can "save/share or load" solutions from yourself (and/or to/from a group if you join a group).

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Thanks for the hints,

Thanks for the hints, especially with the advanced GPU. But why is it useful, to play the game several times on one PC ? I mean when i'm doing one puzzle, i work at it and cannot work on another puzzle, so only when its finished i could do another one, and in that case i can do another one on the 1st client also.

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many puzzles, many recipes, many cores, soloist and evolver...

Expanding on what Bruno said, one reason to run multiple clients at the same time is that there are usually three science puzzles running at the same time. Players who want to be competitive in the Foldit rankings generally play all the puzzles.

After starting a puzzle with "hand folding", players typically use recipes to refine their solutions. Recipes like Tvdl enhanced DRW 3.0.2 and TvdL DRemixW 3.0.2 can run for a long time. On large puzzles like the current 1445 and 1446, they can easily run for days.

Recipes automate the tools -- like shake, wiggle, rebuild, remix, mutate, bands, and cutpoints -- that you use in hand-folding.

Different recipes may give different results. Most recipes have some randomness built in, so even running the same recipe on the same solution may produce different results. And recipes have like EDRW and DRemW have lots of settings, which again can produce different results.

While a recipe is running, you can minimize the client window. Most machines have multiple "logical processors", or "cores". On most puzzles, a minimized Foldit client running a recipe uses about 100% of one logical processor. Larger puzzles use noticeably more. So on "four core" laptop, I can usually run three minimized clients on the normal-sized puzzles (somewhere around 100 amino acids).

If you're running just a single client, it can't take advantage of the extra logical processors. They'll sit mostly idle.

If your Foldit client is not minimized, the display itself uses one logical processor. So running a tool or recipe with the window "up" can use two or more logical processors. (One gripe is that Foldit uses a logical processor when the window's up, even if nothing's happening with the protein.)

Another reason to use multiple clients is group play. When you join a group, you can play as an "evolver", working on solutions shared by other group members. The winning solutions are often from the evolver side of the competition.

Bottom line, with multiple puzzles and multiple recipes, not to mention soloist and evolver, there are lots of reasons to run multiple clients.

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Thanks both for the detailed

Thanks both for the detailed informations but i really wonder now, why should i play foldit with a recipes, when i can use the boinc-client running rosetta ? You said, that some puzzles can take days, a work unit in my boinc takes 8 hours actually, and i have 2 pc running them, so i have 8 WU's at the same time at work.

Is 1 WU = 1 puzzle or why does it seem to be better to play foldit with using recipes ?

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Rosetta takes forever.

It's a question I've certainly asked before, but human intuition is still valuable; hand folding a specific solution that already looks good for recipe refinement typically is way faster than just letting recipes churn like hell to output a solution that might not even be a 'good science' solution.

Also teeeechnically Foldit is just Rosetta with a GUI skin. Food for thought!

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Eventually you will use some Recipes while playing Foldit.
http://fold.it/portal/recipes lists the public Recipes.
Different groups (and players) have their own Recipes.
Many Recipes will gain points while you go do other things
(sleep, eat, watch TV, go to work, study, etc.). Some will
run until you force them to stop. With multiple Foldit clients
on the same machine, you can run races between different Recipes,
starting them from the same solution and seeing which Recipe
gains points the fastest.

http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/101_-_Cookbook gives more details.


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