Foldit display issues after Win 10 Fall Creators Update

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After taking the win 10 update today, foldit no longer displays correctly in my 2nd monitor. When I drag foldit into that monitor the display freezes and stops updating (moving indicators such as "exposed" globes stop moving, dialogs won't display, dragging the camera around appears to do nothing). Dragging the window back onto the primary monitor causes the display to begin updating again (I see that I did in fact move the camera, or cause a dialog to pop up, or type input into the dialog, etc. even though I could not see it). Other applications are not affected.

I have rebooted multiple times, applied the latest update (which was released specifically for the new win 10) to my graphics driver and rebooted some more, turned the 2nd monitor off and on, de-extended the display and re-extended it, changed which one is my primary monitor. No change.

Anyone else having similar problems? Any suggestions?

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My 2nd monitor is being handled by my Nvidia GEForce graphics adapter (the one I just updated), while my main laptop monitor is handled by the onboard Intel graphics adapter (for which both Microsoft and Intel say there is no new update available). Foldit used to travel seamlessly between the two monitors. Now it is unplayable on the 2nd one (which I bought specifically to make foldit bigger).

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I have apparently solved this by telling foldit to always use the Nvidia adapter (did this in Nvidia Control Panel). This may make it consume the battery faster when operating cordless, but it does make foldit work on the 2nd monitor when that is plugged in. Foldit used to auto-switch the adapter when moving from one monitor to the other (as other apps do) and it no longer does, but this workaround at least makes it playable.

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I'm doubtful, but I wonder if forcing it in my NVIDIA Control Panel would give it a bit of a framerate boost when I stream too.

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Wouldn't hurt to try. My guess is that the bottleneck is calculating/optimizing the position in space of the atoms, and the score (both of which happen on the CPU), rather than drawing them on the screen (which presumably uses a graphics adapter), but I could be wrong.


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