Selection Interface Quality of Life Suggestions

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I've got a laundry list to go over on this one. And if the Wiki literally has a section titled "Selection interface annoyances," something's up.

- Teach players it exists in the tutorial (I'm sure this is being worked on already). Give 'em the tools, and folks will use 'em.
- Consider merging the normal UI and Selection Interface. When I had all of the tools I was used to seeing suddenly reshuffled around different portions of the screen and different menu-ing, it was disorienting for me and put me off from using S.I. until I realized how useful it is. Maybe have a toggle targeting setting: Global/Precision. I think Foldit's UI in general needs work, but this is the easiest temporary solution to an ongoing problem I can think of.
- While we're on the subject of toggling: HOTKEY. PLEASE. Menu obfuscation is bad enough, not having a consistent hotkey to toggle between is whittling away at my patience to hand-fold before turning on my churn 'n burn recipes.
- Also, speaking on consistency, I get in most control schemes Shift and Ctrl are co-opted to assist with selection, and Foldit is no different. Unfortunately this pushes around the freeze and band controls to other bindings, which results in the pie menu not being available in selection mode, and other bugbears. Having an option to keep everything selected from S.I. but being able to use regular style controls to manipulate things knocks out another block in the learning curve/barrier to entry.
- I think I saw someone in chat the other day not being able to freeze multiple proteins by selecting them and freezing. You'd think this be a thing, but I guess not.

Side note: Do some scripts ever get 'patched in' to the game as a feature? I ask this because in working on 1440 I've used freezing to keep my bonding residues in place, only to find that they can still move in geometric space but in the same position (Now that I type this I think it might be user error; I forgot to freeze the backbones of said residues). For this reason I've been using Zero Length Bands (, hereby referred to as ZLB's, to hold my residues steady so that my bonds don't get wiggled out. ZLB's are a sort of thing I could totally see being patched into the game, maybe under a more intuitive name like "Band in Place," and with some polish too. Integration of player-made mods has been, for lack of a better term, integral for some games to flourish alongside their community. With something like ZLB, it could be seamlessly integrated into the Selection Interface (and it could actually band all of the sidechain atoms without fussing about with a weird dialogue window)

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