Can a basic problem be eliminated?

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Many freezes and crashes are simply caused by clicking on one action, either impatiently or absentmindedly, while another action is in progress. I always assumed the fix is: don't do that buddy. I wonder however, if there is any programming solution to that, for example: If an action is in progress ignore all other stipulated selections. (Some selections can still be allowed).?

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The most common crash I get is when switching puzzles. The moral of that story is to always start a new client before starting a new puzzle. Also, re-starting a client between long-running recipes is a good thing. Bletchley Park discovered a major "handle leak" on Windows a while back that's still with us.

I don't recall any recent problems with different combinations of actions. Do you have something that's repeatable? Also, it might help to know which OS and maybe machine specs.

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Win10/64; Quad core AMD 2.2ghz.

As I mentioned I always ignore these because I assume I shouldn't have clicked on the action before another one was finished or I shouldn't have done ctrl+O twice, etc. I should think this is a very common and universal occurrence, but next time it happens I will post the log if it helps.

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Also this occurs in main. (I rarely use devprev).


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