slow switching of view options?

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Sometime in the last few months, switching view options seems quite slow at times. Often there's a noticeable lag with the "Color" or "View Protein" options. Sometimes it seems like the client missed a click. At other times, everything seems fine, with little or no delay.

I don't see anything unusual in the log, except some seeming debug messages when switching the sidechain view:

SRVR_THRD getting notifications...
setting side chain mode to: 1 Show Stubs
setting side chain mode to: 2 Show All (Slow)
Sending SOPs:

I'm making this one a question, please let us know if you're seeing a similar issue.

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Raising this to a bug, based on new symptom.

One side effect of a recent update is that coloring switches to Score/Hydro each time you a open a puzzle. This unrelated problem means I'm switching coloring more often.

When I change to Rainbow or any other coloring, I often see lengthy pause before it take effect. In some cases, the client seems to lock up for 15 seconds or more. In other cases, the switch happens almost normally, although I think it's slower than it used to be.

The new symptom is the toggling of the "View Options" menu in the selection interface. Normally, I open and close the View Options using the "v" keyboard shortcut. This toggling works as expected, until I change the "Color" setting after opening a puzzle. At that point, the "v" shortcut no longer closes the view menu.

The same issue occurs if I change "View Protein" or "View Sidechains" in "View Options". So the scrolling lists in View Options are affected, but the checkboxes are not.

There are various workarounds. Moving View Options restores the operation of "v", as does checking or unchecking a checkbox. The red "x" works , closing View Options, or at least it works after the new Color option has taken effect. Clicking the View Options icon from the Foldit ("h") menu also works.

So somehow, being "in" one of the scrolling lists in View Options disables the "v" shortcut. I don't recall this behavior from before, and I suspect it may be related to the slowness in switching view options at times.

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At some point in the past I developed the belief that the V key would not close the View menu if the focus was still on the view menu, so I always click on the background (or on the protein) before hitting V. I wonder if the problem you describe with closing the view menu actually existed before (at least temporarily) and that's what I was seeing. The color slider is the most common thing for me to change on the view menu, so I could have been having a slider-specific problem and only thought it was related to focus.

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I am seeing the slow change when I click a View option.

And I see it every time I open the client, since it's defaulting to Score/Hydro with any change, whether from track to track, opening a new puzzle, or opening the client for the first time. It used to save the last View option used, now it doesn't.


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