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The fantastic Timo Van Der Laan will be offering up his expertise to the Foldit team as he begins his volunteer work with us. He's requested that players give feedback as to their most desired Lua functions. You can find his call for feedback on this post. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!!

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Mutatable VoidCrusher

I have often desired to have the mutate all after crushing and before wiggling.

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Not about Lua functions

That is about one of my recipes, not about a Lua function.

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Lua Documentation

I know this may not be about a new function. One of the barriers I have encountered to using Lua in Foldit is how our existing functions have been documented. The few functions I've wanted to use, I had available. But there are so many ads, popups, and other intrusive objects in their current home that I've never finished exploring the list of functions available. They are hosted on a Wiki (which makes their descriptions editable by the community) but we generally don't have the details we need to fill in those other details. Thank goodness those function names are usually quite self descriptive.

# actual requests

Are there there functions to get/set the relative rotation angles for selected segments? (phi, psi)

This would allow us to save/set portions of an overall protein's shape as we go.

The Ramachandran map is becoming an important element of Foldit play. Figuring out where a segment falls in that map (particularly the "intensity" of the ABEGO color for that segment) would be useful. Could there be a function that returns an array of ABEGO color values for selected segments?

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Learning LUA

I'm not sure which version of LUA Foldit is using now,
but the manuals below have been helpful to me:

When learning LUA in Foldit, it also helps to download
& print Recipes others have made and work to adapt their code.

Also, the Foldit wiki goes faster if you login to it.
Logging in also lets you make changes to the wiki.

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