Bad links in blog for Introducing Small Molecule Design Puzzles

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Opened on:Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 02:59
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The links in the blog "Introducing Small Molecule Design Puzzles" are wrong.

For example, the link for "Foldit drug design introduction" is but should be .

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Make that for the correction.

It looks all the drug design links are missing the /node element in the URL.

That also happened twice in the short summary version "New Puzzle Type: Small Molecule Design!" that appears on the front page. Oddly, the full version is the same short entry, but the links are OK there. (Click on the comments link to see the "full" version.)

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Sorry about that - this should be fixed now.

(For the tech-heads out there, the issue was relative links, which means the "full" version worked as the page was served from the appropriate subdirectory, while on the mainpage or main blog page the links don't work because they were in a different subdirectory.)


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