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Jpred prediction
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alignment templates

On such a big puzzle, it might be an idea to give us a few templates to work with. That might give us a chance to get to a structure that might be close.

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yes!!!, please

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have to abandon due to size

Just a note. I'd love to work this, but was out two days and don't have time to pull this together. sorry not to have more time, but little machine can't do this size puzzle in regular time period.
Maybe a little extra time for the next large puzzle would help

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More time

I agree, on a puzzle this size we could really use a few extra days or even an extra week.

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More time

Specifically large de-novo, my vote would be to run them for about 4 weeks

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A tip from homologs

There are a few homolog (related) sequences that form real proteins but that match only segments 49-175 of our target protein, with one or both ends of our protein missing. I'm pretty sure that means segments 49-175 should be able to fold into a realistic protein shape without the ends being present. The ends would then add on without disrupting the shape of the middle section (and without depending on each other, since either end can be present while the other is absent). I have tried a couple of tracks where I fold 49-175 first, then add the ends on, and they seem to be working out well.

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Then for a following round, researchers could provide us with several templates for seg 49-175 (as suggested by Timo). It would help focusing.

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Scoring Issue ?

Just asking, but is there an issue in scoring this puzzle ? It expired 12 hours ago and still no scores have been posted. Thanks for any feedback.

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