deleting old images uploaded from chat

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Yesterday, jflat06 asked in #veteran about deleting images uploaded from chat.

[17:07] hi everyone - does anyone use the chat images long-term? or do you just use it to post things for other people to see at that moment?

Some discussion followed, with the conclusion:

[17:21] I think it's probably safe to delete any that were posted prior to 2017

Deleting the old images may affect some of the oldest pages on the wiki, which posted links to images on Foldit. Paul Dunn and others have long since been uploading images to the wiki, so there's no dependency on the Foldit website. I've updated a couple of the oldest puzzle results pages, but I'm not sure how many are left.

A few spots on Foldit may use the old chat images as well, but I think this is rare.

Deleting old chat images would also invalidate the links in old chat logs.

Images uploaded outside of the client should not be deleted, since they're probably used in feedbacks or forum posts. In some cases, these images may also be referenced on the wiki.

Ideally, anything deleted would get archived and stored elsewhere, outside of the Foldit database, but that's a really low priority....

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Thanks for the feedback. I ended up clearing just "screenshots" from 1 year ago (August 2016) or older.

Like you've said, I think it's probably rare for things to be referencing the chat-posted screenshots, aside from the occasional old chat log. Even then, I can't recall ever using the screenshot feature much during science/dev chats.

Images uploaded outside of the "Screenshot" button should all be unaffected, so we should be in the clear there.

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But now things like this bug report are broken.

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Old history now, closing.


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