New Category: Experimental!

Hey everyone,

We've just created a new puzzle category - the Experimental category.

We're trying out this category as a way to introduce new puzzle types that aren't necessarily fit for prime time quite yet. If a puzzle is out of devprev testing, but we're still in a state of heavy refinement, we've added the Experimental category to keep it segregated from the normal puzzles.

This is useful because, if there are issues with the puzzle, they wont affect your Overall or other category scores. It also gives credit to players who are adapting to the new rulesets the fastest!

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Finally.... Are u open for suggestions?

Do you hace some pipeline?

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how to run?

I tried with

"update_group" : "experimental"

but it crashes (with Mac).

Is there another way to run it?

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Category, not update group

The experimental puzzle category is a different "badge" category (e.g. on, which is unrelated to the client update group settings.

They're just standard puzzles (like #1428) that can be run from the normal update group, but are counted in a separate category for "top player" statistics. Everyone should have access to puzzles in the Experimental category without any additionally option fiddling.

(The experimental update group is for experimental code updates, whereas the experimental puzzle category is for experimental puzzle styles which can be run from the standard client code version.)

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