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The gamers on EteRNA, another citizen science game, are facing a very interesting challenge - to develop an RNA on/off switch for CRISPR/Cas9: https://phys.org/news/2017-08-online-game-players-onoff-crispr.html

Now don't all run over there and try the game - we need you here! It's just fun to read what other gamer scientists are working on.

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That game seems like less of my cup of tea to be quite honest but anything with CRISPR is super neato in my book. Never thought of RNA blueprinting "in silico" before.

I also think that their game is better off without the sound if there's no immediate way to turn it down in-game with sliders, my ears got blasted!

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In the preferences there's a

In the preferences there's a volume control you can drag to zero. As an aside I don't think there's any need for these games to have music: if I want to listen to music while I'm playing I'll use ITunes or maybe the radio.

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The main problem I had with it really is that the UI was poorly designed such that I couldn't really find or access the preferences menu from the get go before my ears got blasted. Music should be independently controllable too, that's usually standard.


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