Monomer design - Crashes repeatably when deleting residues

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I have a pose on 1413 from which I am unable to delete more than one residue at a time. See shared-with-scientists solution "1413 crash when deleting". Select residues 28-29 and click delete. Crashes every time. If you just select 29 and delete, it doesn't crash. If you select 27-29 and delete, it crashes. The only windows I have open are Menu, Tracks, and Behavior. I have a workaround, in that I can delete the residues one at a time.

Win 7 64, build 20170731-ed227e728a-win_x86-devprev

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This happens to me too. Has for so long I thought it was an intended "feature" :-) One at a time deleting is the workaround but this sometimes also crashes if you are deleting a terminal segment.

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Deleting a terminal segment with the Rama map open crashes every time - there is a feedback for that buried somewhere in the mists of time.

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I have found another workaround that sometimes works if the segments are not all sheets. Especially if they are a mixture of sheets and loops. Change them all to sheets then delete them.


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