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Hi folks, Sock here again. I livestreamed my fold of the new Sketchbook puzzle earlier today!

#FolditFriday had some good discussion on improving again in chat so I do hope the devs are interested in hearing it. The link to the recording is:

I also took the liberty of exporting it to YouTube at
since I remember last time some of you had trouble viewing the Twitch links.
I do not use a chat overlay so it is just the recording of my stream and commentary only. Twitch's recording supports chat replay, but unfortunately, I'd have to look into making some changes if I want chat on screen for future YouTube uploads. Let me know if you all are still having issues watching Twitch VOD's and I will consider future YT exports.

I'm also taking suggestions for topics to touch on/discuss for next #FolditFriday, so let me know in this thread, in my inbox, on Twitter, or in my Discord server if you have any.

Joined: 05/19/2017
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Alt Link, Quick Clip

Here's an alternate Twitch link if the first one fails, though this one is a direct link to the whole-broadcast recording which gets deleted after 30 days.

I also have a quick little clip from the stream that I hope puts a smile on your face if you're too busy to watch the whole broadcast, this was my response after Tokens told me in chat, and I quote, "The two phenylalanines will become very "happy" if they stack ;)"
Humor's a little lewd, but don't worry, it's safe for work.


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