"Retroactive" bug feedback - Mac Client last 2 iterations

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Here are the mac crashlogs from 7-01 to 7-07 that I hadn't posted... for troubleshooting the latest 2 updates for Mac client
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All of these crashes are Segmentation Fault 11s (I believe) ... most were for the Monomer puzzle(s) out at the time.
These occurred over the period from 07-01-17 to 07-06-17

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The following mac crashlogs are for crashes occurring from 6-17-2017 to 6-30-17
There are some double frees in with the segmentation faults in this lot.
Most of these are for the monomer, some may be for others if not Seg Fault 11 or double free.
Some crashes on quit may also be in these logs (typical foldit crash historically for any puzzle) and this list of crash logs doesn't distinguish between puzzles where these occurred.

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^those not otherwise titled above are Segmentation Fault 11s^


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