Couple probs on Linux

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Just logged in today and after the software updated, I had the following problems

1) there is no sound (sound OK for other apps)

2) the screen opens about 1 and 1/2 inch too long, so I re-size the window to fit. Perhaps the software does not know this, as the puzzle it not centered so the image is off the bottom of the screen. I can rotate and re-size it, but cannot move it up to center it.


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P.S. Using Lubuntu 16.04. Fairly new install, so mostly have the default install stuff.

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Sound has been disabled in the game due to a problem it was causing.

Right-click-drag (or Ctrl-click-drag) on the background lets you slide the protein around on the screen. The Q key centers the protein. Here is a list of keyboard and mouse shortcuts from the wiki: Many of them are also listed under Help in the game.

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Thank you for replying. I'm OK w/o the sound, just thought I'd mention it in case.

I'll try the Q key and the link you suggested.



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