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1378b: Hemagglutinin Binder Design: Loop Graft
Status: Closed


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3Beta Folders10,59756
4Go Science10,58241
5Void Crushers10,47929
6Hun-Magyar Csapat10,38720
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19DSN @ Home5,1091

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Deleting residues

The puzzle comments say: "Players may also delete and redistribute residues on either side of the prescribed binding loop."

This is not possible for me. I could add residues, but not delete any residues, not even after I had added some.

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That's unintended behavior. Can you delete specifically those residues that you added?

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Ahh, yes, I can delete the

Ahh, yes, I can delete the residues that I added, but not any other residues.

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Crash 1378b
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rebuild and remix seem to hang

Both rebuild and remix recipes seem to hang on the first rebuild or remix, never advancing. Cancel does not work, the message "cancelling" appears in the upper left, but it hangs there indefinitely.

This problem can be produced a manual remix. After selecting segments and starting remix, the first remix result is displayed, but remix hangs when you try to advance to the next result. Clicking the "X" to close remix has no effect. The only option is to close the client window, which seems to work normally.

In log.txt, a manual remix shows these results:

***** STARTING THREAD ActionBuild
lo,hi,size: 395,399,6
19 fragments found for fragment size 6
protocols.loops.loop_closure.ccd.RamaCheck: Initializing starting_rama_scores with current conformation.
SRVR_THRD getting notifications...
Sending SOPs:

Sending SOPs:

Couldn't quit: Illegal operation for this state (..\..\..\source\src\game\util\IRC.cc:375)
closing boinc...
Sending SOPs:

Sending SOPs:


The "illegal operation" message appears at the point where you manually close the client.

Attempting a manual rebuild crashed the client with the following in log.txt

***** STARTING THREAD ActionRebuild
protocols.loops.loop_closure.ccd.RamaCheck: Initializing starting_rama_scores with current conformation.

  1: library_main +37712549 bytes (no line)
  2: library_main +28085694 bytes (no line)
  3: library_main +28085427 bytes (no line)
  4: library_main +28084834 bytes (no line)
  5: library_main +21461506 bytes (no line)
  6: library_main +21462889 bytes (no line)
  7: library_main +19008449 bytes (no line)
  8: library_main +17555767 bytes (no line)
  9: library_main +5749674 bytes (no line)
 10: library_main +5662462 bytes (no line)
 11: library_main +5664210 bytes (no line)
 12: library_main +5747910 bytes (no line)
 13: library_main +318776 bytes (no line)
 14: library_main +3253909 bytes (no line)
 15: library_main +3254363 bytes (no line)
 16: BaseThreadInitThunk +36 bytes (no line)
 17: RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification +1081 bytes (no line)
 18: RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification +1028 bytes (no line)

Running TvdL EDRW didn't cause a crash, but it did hang on the first rebuild.

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1378b crashes on remix or rebuild on Mac

Segmentation Fault 11... will post feedback. Crashed 3x... so this is still broken on my Mac

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Also observed the behavior Loci is describing above

when using some of the shake-wiggle-mutate functions... cancel or stop doesn't work (intermittent), ESC will stop or cancel.

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can't see the player list too

can't see the player list too

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Sidechains of influenca part should be frozen (suggestion)

Shake takes forever, because it also shakes the big part.

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Too slow, too buggy

I ran Local Quake on it for a while but the progress was way too slow (probably because of shake). I switched to Enhanced DRW on small subsets of the protein but encountered a crashes almost immediately. I don't currently have the inclination, patience or time to coddle this type of puzzle along.

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Crash central

can't get it to stay up long enough to do much on it

Joined: 06/24/2008
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I can not run and rebuild or reset scripts; I can not reset manually; I can rebuild manually though if I convert it to loop I can not manually rebuild. Also Idealize scripts seem to do nothing; though again I can manually Idealize.


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Oh yeh

I am devprev

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