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There's a new beginner puzzle page on the wiki.

The six existing beginner puzzle pages on the wiki have been updated and moved to be subpages of the new page. In some cases, the root name of the page was changed to match the puzzle.

There are redirects in place, so existing links don't have to change. The beginner puzzles all link to the wiki, so they could be updated to use the new page addresses. Not a high priority, this would just eliminate a "redirected from" message when someone visits the page this way.

I've had the remove the full URLs below to thwart the spam filter. I've listed the old and new pages for each of the six beginner puzzles.

Easy Mini Freestyle

Easy_Mini_Freestyle (old)
Beginner_puzzle/Easy_Mini_Freestyle (new)

Symmetry Design

Symmetry_Design (old)
Beginner_puzzle/Symmetry_Design (new)

Docking Design

Beginner_Design (old)
Beginner_puzzle/Docking_Design new

Mini Arabidopsis Multi-Start Puzzle

Arabidopsis (old)
Beginner_puzzle/Mini_Arabidopsis_Multi-Start_Puzzle (new)

Parabacteroides Distasonis

Parabacteroides_Distasonis (old)
Beginner_puzzle/Parabacteroides_Distasonis (new)

Staphylococcus Aureus Electron Density

Staphylococcus_Aureus (old)
Beginner_puzzle/Staphylococcus_Aureus_Electron_Density (new)

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Old news, closing.

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Closing for real.


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