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All Foldit players participate in a scientific investigation. Whatever their contribution (from folding to giving feedbacks or giving tips to other or sharing intermediate solutions). As "citizen scientist", they contribute directly to some mass data collections on likely protein structures (from a mass of results, top scoring solutions are analyzed as the best promising, but also "shared to scientists" ones and even low scoring ones for statistical analyses). They are also observed as players and/or citizen scientists. From this point of view, they are themselves "objects of science" They are the objects of social or technical studies on "gamification", games, social sciences, human/machine interface, artificial intelligence etc. Aside of pure fun in competition, "contributing to Science" has been reported as one of the highest motivation of Foldit players. The contribution of Foldit players is often acknowledged by the researchers in their blogs and science chats, as well as by many authors who quote Foldit as a famous example of complex and difficult "serious game" or "game with purpose". But very high level scientific visible results are rare enough to be highlighted. The papers listed in the Wiki are papers where Foldit players contributed significantly to Scientific advances, either as co-authors or as "co-subjects" of studies that have reached high level scientific publications.
Please feel free to discover and suggest other ones (or to add them directly into the Wiki page).

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