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Hello community! Today's news is a little bittersweet - I am leaving the community for a brand new horizon after having the pleasure of serving this community as its Community Liaison for the last few years. Some important notes:
- Yes, the position is going to be filled, hopefully soon. Sadly, I don't have a link yet to share or I would. Please hover directly over the UW Hires website for that listing, because it should appear in the near future and if all goes as planned it probably won't be up for long. It will be based on campus, here in Seattle.
- Yes, you may absolutely ping jflat and bkoep for issues until the new person appears. I would also recommend not flooding their PM box, and continuing to use the feedback for bugs, and the forum for general questions/suggestions. They'll be monitoring both and it will be faster if issues are tracked there!
- Yes! We have a new video that will be appearing in May. I'm mentioning this now because part of its appearance will be include the opportunity to win the People's Choice vote, and winning that would be ace. More details from relevant folks (aka bkoep) as it gets closer. As a bonus, you'll finally get to hear your previously mystery community person speak, proving once and for all I do exist in a non-text way.

Finally, it has been a joy and delight to be part of such a unique community. I have learned so much about protein folding from each of you, the team, and obviously by playing Foldit. Your patience and endurance as a community is simply among the best, and I can't wait to see what Foldit accomplishes next. Good luck, and thank you. ~inkycatz

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Good luck and thanks for all the patience and

Good luck and thanks for all the patience and help. You are truly a Good Liaison person :)

We will miss you.

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We'll miss you !

I saw you appear in the blackbeld folding a long time ago, when I was still a beginner.

You where part of the reasons we stayed there, with a care on us in order to make a "human" link with the cold scientists (I'm joking, there are very kind as well).

Wishing you all the best for your next chanlles.

Bye bye and come to say us hello from time to time please. Always welcome (as a player in my team :)

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Wishing you all the best for your next chanllenges


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Best to you!

I've enjoyed our interactions and help and hope that your next adventure is fantastic.

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First of all - "rats!" Secondly, although we never spoke (texted) directly, your calm amidst our turmoil and frustrations reached down to the levels of those who never spoke with you. I cannot recall how many times your calm and reassurances kept me from leaving. You will be sorely missed, wish you all the best with your next adventure, and please do not disappear from our lives altogether. Thanks for everything, Toshiue

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