a second mouse to be able to use 2 hands

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The paper here

and the discussion here

https://fold.it/portal/node/2003201 (on virtual reality)

inspired me an intermediate proposal in order to deal with the frustration not to be able to use my 2 hands in order to design the protein: adding a second mouse for the left hand.

THE difficult moves that I cannot do with the available tools (freezing, drag and drop, bands etc) are the following:

-Case 1: the end of a sheet is not straight. I can freeze the adjacent segment then try to alternatively push or pull, turning, push and pull etc. Or cut, steer, uncut (but then i'll have to solve a lot of ideality problems). With a left mouse, I could freeze the adjacent segment, then turn everything to front to me and "tweak" using my 2 hands/mouse's, like with a steering wheel. Of course, it's not 3D like in VR, but with the other available tools, may be it could help?

-Case 2: a band in space to a guide (ED). With current tools, I have to put a band in space, then turn the protein and adjust the band progressively, in a minimum of 3 moves (in x, y, z directions). Doing this, I often have problems like the band sticking to another segment, or not seeing well when another part of the protein comes in front of my view. With a left mouse, I could keep and move the end of the band with one mouse and turn the protein with the second one.

-Case 3: binding 2 sheets or segments. Now I can band them (freeze what I want to keep fixed) and wiggle all (or wiggle backbone with low CI). With 2 mouse's, I could simply freeze what I don't want to move, then move the two sides with my 2 hands.


Alternatives might be possible (all suggestions are welcome):

-a key to "lock" the first mouse position ? Imagine I "lock" the first mouse moving the band, and I use the mouse again to turn the protein). Then when done I can "unlock" my first mouse position with the same key.

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See other suggestions linked to this problem here:

-"freezing" the end of the band as suggested here:
-a key to "lock" one specific segment on the screen like suggested here: https://fold.it/portal/node/990549#comment-13157
-lock/unlock position in addition of freeze, as suggested here: http://fold.it/portal/node/988105 -allowing rubber bands to anchor to each other like in this suggestion https://fold.it/portal/node/989369


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