New Mac Installer!

Hey everyone,

As a result of some changes on Apple's side, the previous installer for Mac no longer works. We've released a new Mac installer to address this.

If you already had Foldit installed, it may continue functioning properly, but you might see some issues. If you want to be safe, you can reinstall Foldit and copy over your old files.

As a side note - this new installer changes the title back to "Foldit" from "game_dynamic".

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A note to clarify how to do this, if you have game_dynamic

To get the game_dynamic to go away you have to install from new, rather than update, as suggested above. Clarifying further, if you open the game using an old client it will update but it will NOT install the fix that changes game_dynamic displaying, so you must install as a fresh client.

Joined: 03/05/2015
Groups: Gargleblasters
And thanks ...

It's nice to have both a more familiar application installer AND a fix to that bedeviling little gd issue... on top of the update with better stability, some really good improvements... thanks again!

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