1361 Segmentation fault

Case number:845829-2003662
Opened by:actiasluna
Opened on:Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 11:23
Last modified:Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 11:56

1361 Thread 11 crash. After lots of pasting in extra segments then deleting them, dragging sections around quite a bit and doing other things that would have crashed earlier builds... restarting the puzzle and working it, this crash occurred while running Mutate Combo for Layers.

This is the main update version.
This is the second segmentation fault crash with a version of this build, the first one occurred running 1356 and this build ID in devprev.

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BTW... Running with 5 open clients at the time. This is something that could not be done without using Automator prior to Sierra. I stumbled across it when I got to thinking that the Automator way (which opened a new session of one copy of the game) might be "iffy" ... because doing that, there was only one log file for all open clients and the only unique designators would be the scriptlog named for the track. This seemed like it could cause issues in more than one way.
So I thought that if I followed LociOiling's procedure for multiple clients on Windows and tested it, and launched THOSE using automator it would work. It did.
Then I forgot that I was working on Mac and not Windows10 and double clicked one of the clients saved in the dock... it launched from the dock and ran fine.
How this is done: If you have a game folder with options.txt and all.macro set like you like it, with the game closed, copy your game folder and paste it (look at Loci's guide to how many you should be able to run based on your machine capabilities... I could theoretically run 7 with a machine core that has 7 usable cores and one reserved core) I stopped at 5 because... I don't really need to run my machine that hard).
Named each copy of the game in sequence foldit, foldit-2, foldit-3, foldit-4 and foldit-5
Clicking the docked icons opens the game without issue and all the files (useful for reporting crashes) stay unique to that client.

A better and more stable way to run multiple clients on Mac, haven't tested it in El Capitan or other earlier but logically there's not a reason it wouldn't work there too.

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This is also an easy way to run both devprev and main clients at the same time... just edit the options.txt line
"update_group" : "main"
"update_group" : "devprev"
In one of the copied clients... then copy and paste the new devore client if you want more than one.

You can do this in Sierra by making sure that TextEdit preferences for New Document are set to Plain Text (it does rich text by default so you'll need to change it). I also uncheck *ALL* of the Options in that preference pane.

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(heh "devore" ^ thanks autocorrect... devprev.)


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